Our group is generally concentrated on Intelligent Control in Power Electronics. Scientific investigations include programming and applications of DSP systems.

Performed research projects are devoted to PWM Voltage Source Inverter fed Induction and Synchronous Motor Drives. We have also some experience with PWM Four-Legs Converters and PWM rectifiers.

The Intelligent Control like Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic are being used in different control strategies for Induction Motor and Synchronous Motor. ICG has investigated accurately Direct Torque Control with Fuzzy Logic and Field Oriented Control with Neural Network. Two Ph.D thesis have been based on these two approaches.

We also perform investigation with Feedback Linearisation. Laboratory tests with different methods of the PWM rectifiers control like Direct Power Control and Voltage Oriented Control are in progress.

Our newest research is concentated on multilevel converters used as rectifiers and PWM inverters.