Wlodziemierz Koczara - Professional Profile

Prof. dr hab. inz Wlodzimierz Koczara
Institute of Control and Industrial Informatics
Warsaw University of Technology
ul. Koszykowa 75, 00-662 Warsaw
tel. (+48 22) 234-73-62
fax (+48 22) 234-60-23

M. Eng. 1966 Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) Poland, PhD - 1973 WUT; Since 1978 Professor WUT. Professor nominated by President of Poland, 1989, (life title)
Specialisation: power electronics, drives, power conversion, renewable energy sources and modern power generation, boost rectifiers. Extended experience in nonconventional generation of electrical power. That experience may be used in future cooperation in innovative projects

    International patents as co-author

    • Patent US20004251881, 2004-12-16, Electrical Machine and Electrical Power Generating System Haydock L., Koczara W, Al-Khayat N.
    • Patent WO2004102785, 2004-11-25, An Electrical Power Supply System and a Permanent Magnet Generator for Such a System, Al-Khayat N., Koczara W., Krasnodebski A.
    • Patent US2003107349, 2003-06-12, AC Power Generating System. Haydock L, Koczara W, Al.-Khayat N., Dalby D., Dziuba R., Leonarski J.
    • Patent US6,919 711, 82 Electrical Machine and Electrical Generation System. Haydock L., Koczara W, Al-Khayat N.
    • Patent ZA200205882, 2003-04-29, An AC Generating system, Haydock L., Koczara W., Al.-Khayat N., Dziuba R. Leonarski J.
    • Patent US61752217, 2001.01.16, Hybrid Generator Apparatus: Da Ponte Manuel, Grzesiak Lech, Koczara Włodzimierz Niedziałkowski A. Pospiech
    • Patent H02P6/18H, Info EP11615333 2006-01-11 Koczara Wlodzimierz (PL); Jakubowski Piotr Adam (PL) Electrical machine rotor position identification. NEWAGE INTERNATIONAL LTD (GB)
    • Patent US7,619,905 B2 Connection of a Supply of AC Power to load and to Power Supply Grid., Al-Khayat N. Koczara W. E. Ernest. Cummins Generator Technologies, Stamford UK
    • Patent GB 2443 338 Control System. Wlodzimierz Koczara, Emil Ernest, Marcin Moskwa. Cummins Generator Technologies. 25.05.2006

    Polish Patents Warsaw University of Technology WUT (Examples)

    • Patent PL 167855 Controlled Rectifier, W. Koczara, Warsaw 17.04.1992 (Warsaw Rectifier)
    • Patent.: P319933, Układ do sterowania prędkością maszyny elektrycznej, 1997.
    • Patent: P320845 Przekształtnik Energoelektroniczny, Koczara W. 1997 WUT.
    • Patent PL 174916 Układ zasilania odbiorników mocy. W. Koczara, L. Grzesiak, R. Teofilak, M. Rukat WUT 12.10.1994
    • Patent PL 168999 Układ zasilania o kształtowanym przebiegu prądu. W. Koczara 30.10.1992 WUT
    • Patent PL 169874 Układ prostownika Sterowanego W. Koczara, 18.12.1992, WUT
    • Patent PL 169892 Układ przekształtnika energoelektronicznego W. Koczara, 08.12.1992 WUT
    • Patent PL 174083 Układ wielofazowego prostownika sterowanego. W. Koczara, P. Białoskórski, 19.09.1994, WUT
    • Patent PL 181843 Przekształtnik energoelektroniczny W. Koczara 30.06.1997.WUT
    • Patent PL 223277. Układ przekształtnika energoelektronicznego A. Niedziałkowski, W. Koczara, L. Grzesiak, J. Przybylski 28.12.1992 WUT
    • Patent PL 2233277 Układ wytwarzania energii elektrycznej W. Koczara, P. Szulawski J. Wiśniewski. 20.07.2012. WUT

    Patents list in European Patent Office


    Supervised more than 200 M.Eng thesis and 24 PhD thesis in the field of drives, power electronics and innovative power generation . Current supervision 5 PhD students.
    Foreign languages (basic communication level): English, French, German, Russian.

    Head of the Institute of Control and Industrial Electronics Warsaw University of Technology 1981-1986.
    Head of Electrical Drive Division (1981-2012) in the Institute of Control and Industrial Electronics Warsaw University of Technology.

    Professional Qualification

    • Member of Polish Power Electronic Committee -Association of Polish Electrical Engineers (former Chairman)
    • Member of Power Electronic and Drive Section of Polish Academy of Science
    • Member of Executive Council of European Power Electronic and Drive Association (Brussels, Belgium - 1985-2012)
    • Member of International Committee of European Power Electronics Conferences (since 1995-2012)
    • Member of Power Electronics and Motion Conferences Organising Committee (since 1990) chairman of PEMC 1994
    • Member of Scientific Committee of more than 15 international Conferences
    • Member of Steering Committee of Polish Association of Ecological Vehicles

    Recent works are related to adjustable/variable speed power generation (DFIG, PERFECTGEN), control of induction generators and motors, active compensators of reactive and active power supply systems of the DC and AC microgrid, boost rectifiers, Warsaw and Vienna rectifiers, Synchrogenverter, sensorless and brushless axial and radial flux permanent magnet machines drives.



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    Honorary Visiting Professor in the Faculty of Computing Sciences and Engineering at De Montfort University (Leicester, UK) from 1st January, 1999 until 31st December, 2002.

    EPE Association Executive Council (European Power Electronics) and Power Electronics Comunity distinguish in Genewa on 8th September 2015 Prof. Włodziemierz Koczara for his constant and active support during 17th Conference on Power Electronics and Applications, EPE'15-ECCE Europe.

      Problems of adjustable (variable) speed generation, and renewable energy, DC and AC microgrid presented in books as co-author:

    • Koczara W.: "Variable and Adjustable Speed Generation Systems" Chapter 10, monograph: "Power Electronics in Smart Electrical Energy Networks". Springer, London 2008 (invited chapter).
    • Iwanski G., Koczara W.: "Standalone Double - Fed Induction Generator", Chapter 23, monograph: "The Industrial Electronics Handbook", Vol. 4 Power Electronics and Motor Drives", CRC Press, Boca Raton, USA 2011 (invited chapter).
    • Koczara W., Iwanski G.: Variable Speed Power Generation. Chapter 7, monograph: "Power Electronics for Renewable and Distributed Energy Systems":"A Sourcebook of Topologies, Control and Integration" Springer Verlag, London Heidelberg, New York. Publised 2013 (invited chapter).

    Main area international cooperation

    • Postdoctoral research: Vienna Electrical Engineering Institute, 4 month
    • Electronics System Leader, New Product Development 1650kW DFIM Elta Lodz, now ABB Poland
    • 1992 R&D Leader -Hygen - New Product Development VOLT-AMPERE, Pretoria, South Africa (1992-1998)
    • Electronics System Leader, (VSIG Variable Speed Integrated Generator) New Product Development (contract), NEWAGE, now Cummins Generator Technologies, 1999 - 2010, Stamford, United Kingdom.
    • Lecturer at Nottingham Trent Polytechnic, UK: One year
    • Visiting Professor, Nottingham Trent University (Honorary Professor) - UK,
    • Le Havre University (Professor "Invité") - France,
    • Lectured 2 semesters Pretoria University oh position Ordinary Professor, Republic of South Africa.
    • Researcher one year Newcastle University, Australia
    • Researcher in Siegen University Germany
    • Member of a Committee that created in 1990/1994 biannual International Conference "Power Electronics and Motion Control" (PEMC) known in present time as "European Power Electronics- Power Electronics and Motion Control", PEMC Conference Chairman 1994. IEEE and EPEA member.

      Projects in Poland

    • Consultant and project supporter CEWOK Company, Warsaw, Poland, 1973-1979
    • Consultant and project supporter Elektroprojekt Company, Warsaw, Poland, 1974-
    • Project leader - Pumps of hot water speed control in Warsaw District (pomp station equipped in DFIGM drives 1000kW, 520kW. (1970- 1978)
    • Project leader Warsaw supply water pump station with 1650 (1976 - 1982)

      European Union projects

    • High Density Power Electronics for FC- and ICE-Hybrid Electric Vehicle Powertrains. Project no. FP6-019848, Project acronym: HOPE 2006/2008.
    • European Project Control of Renewable Integrated Systems Targeting Advanced landmarks (CRISTAL) within framwork Of the specific research and technological development programme "Integrating and Strangthening
    • The European Research Area (2002-2006) Sustinable Energy Systems
    • PELINCEC European Centre of Excellence in Power Electronics and Intelligent Control for Energy Conservation 2003-2005
    • 6 projects supported by KBN, NCBiR and NCN

    Books in polish:

    • Włodzimierz Koczara, "Kaskadowe ukłądy napędowe z przekształtnikami tyrystorowymi", Wydawnictwo Naukowe i Techniczne, Warszawa 1978, PL
    • Włodzimierz Koczara, "Wprowadzenie do napędu elektrycznego", Oficyna Wydawnicza Politechniki Warszawskiej , Warszawa 2012, PL