In the organisational system of the Centre we have planned that partnership with companies will be the basic form of co-operation. Those partners who have announced their participation will be able to use the following types of undertakings and services:
  1.  Free of charge participation in scientific seminars where the results of research work is presented, with regard to research conducted within the scope of post-graduate, master’s and doctor’s theses (3-4 such seminars will take place each year).
  2. Information from the field of power electronics in the form of a quarterly newsletter and a number of reports of scientific and research work conducted in Institutes which co-operate with the Centre.
  3. Free of charge participation in seminars conducted by foreign specialists from the field of power engineering who are visiting the University.
  4. Right to notify research topics carried out under post-graduate theses, and contacts helping to employ the graduates.
  5. Making use of the constant readiness of the scientific employees to provide consultancy services, and of the IT base created in the Centre with regard to the production and properties of components and power electronics systems offered in the domestic market.
  6. Facilities and considerable financial allowances in the training seminars organised by the Centre (one of the basic forms of the Centre’s activity), as well as national and foreign conferences.
  7. Promotion of the company in the form of a logo placed in the materials disseminated, indicating the company’s partnership in the Centre, considerable facilitation of the publishing of promotional articles, and assistance in the organisation of seminars, conferences, and training sessions of typically promotional nature.
External partners act as sponsors who declare donations which are used to maintain and develop the Centre and its forms of activities.
A concluded agreement, regarding the annual financial contribution to be used jointly with contributions of other partners to cover costs of promotion of research, shall form the basis for a partner’s participation in the Centre.  Amounts paid in to the bank account shall be accounted for as a fee for the research activity of the Centre and invoiced in accordance with generally accepted principles.  One of the possible options is that the Centre will be financed in the form of donations.
There will be three groups of partners:
     I (golden)  - rate of PLN 5000 quarterly
     II (silver)  - rate of PLN 2500 quarterly
     III (bronze)  - rate of PLN 1500 quarterly
In its formal contacts the Centre is represented by a proxy – one of the members of the Programme Council and/or Dr Mieczysław Nowak, the Director.  The signing of an agreement results in activation of the partner’s rights and the Centre’s services which have been specified above. Ad hoc co-operation of companies with the Centre is also possible, which would include the use of its services, such as training, promotion, and organisation, however without any allowances or preferences to which the partners are entitled.