The basic objective of the Centre is to initiate contacts of specialists – University personnel – with companies and economic institutions in order to utilise the effects of research work better, focusing the research on subjects corresponding to the needs of producers and users of equipment from the field of power electronics and electronics. It is also very important to encourage the best students and post-graduate students to become interested in this speciality which will undoubtedly be most needed in the future. We wish to provide them with interesting subjects for their theses, and which will be possible to apply in practice and will prepare them for their future jobs.
From Warsaw University of Technology, employees from five Institutes in three Faculties: Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, and Faculty of Production Engineering, take part in the work of the Centre – totalling over 40 specialists with doctorates or higher.

The scope of the Centre’s interests include power electronics, as broadly understood.  The following are  basic examples of the application of power electronics covered by the subject matters of research carried out by Warsaw University of Technology :

The main task of the Centre as a small organisational unit is to support the whole group of specialists of Warsaw University of Technology in their co-operation with companies interested in power electronics, and to make their work more effective.  This will be achieved through the Centre’s data base, newsletter, and research reports, as well as a system of scientific and training seminars, and other seminars which facilitate contacts within the scientific circles.  Funds obtained in the course of co-operation with Partners and from other, irregularly co-operating Companies, will be used to co-finance research work performed by graduating and post-graduate students, and to finance promotional activities of the Centre.