EC Leonardo da Vinci programme project LV/04/B/F/PP-172.001
“Competence framework for mobile on-site training in Logistics Information Systems”

LOGIS MOBILE project’s aim is a creation, testing, and distribution of a new mobile m-training technology. New combined training and consultation methods will use a concise professional dictionary of Logistics Information Systems and modern mobile telecommunication technologies in Internet WAP/WML environment.

Offered methods are cost effective and ensure convenient access to an upgrade of a professional qualification and consultation services to any training participant – students, logistics specialists, managers, training organizers etc., using only mobile GSM/UMTS telephone. Competence framework LOGIS MOBILE joins experienced cooperation partners. They are Latvian Intelligent Systems, Ltd., Fraunhofer Institut Fabrikbetrieb und –automatisierung (Germany), Otto-von-Guericke Universitat Magdeburg (Germany), Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain), Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (Spain), Mettle Groupe (France), Klaipedos Universitetas (Lithuania), AS Ventamonjaks (Latvia), IDC Information Technologies (Latvia), Latvian National Association of Freight Forwarders, Riga Technical University (Latvia) and Warsaw University of Technology (Poland). Partners have a close cooperation with the largest European logistics associations.

Preparation of a multifunctional explanatory dictionary in Logistics Information Systems and its publication in printed and electronic form can be mentioned as the basic results of the project. Training material will be placed on GSM/UMTS mobile communication network and Internet environment, ensuring combined e-training and m-consultation possibilities, according to methodology, which is developed within the project framework. Plan of the project results and intermediate results dissemination and valorisation activities foresees information distribution, using customers data base created during the first phase of the LOGIS project, which ensured LOGIS project results introduction already in 26 countries. During the second phase m-training tools will be deployed on Web server Project results will be reported on the international conferences. Project partners will promote similar international orientation project and network cooperation.